Young audiences cas study

Surprise Endings and Cliffhangers Case Study:

Young audiences cas study

Results Year 4, Cultivation paid off in ongoing relationships among both the cultivation group and other new buyers. Strategic thinking Katie Jackman: With the reduced budget, we had to move forward in some purposeful manner.

Young audiences cas study

We felt that focusing on cultivation during acquisition was the best place to focus our attention. We then worked with TRG to define this strategy. TRG recommended that we look at retention for new patrons. It was difficult to not lose focus and make other offers to the cultivation group, especially with the financial pressures on the organization.

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Other projects and campaigns had to be cut. This plan was time-consuming—and it was hard to stay focused on it. Along with the —10 budget cuts, we had also reduced our work week to a 4-day work week.

In order to do this right, we had to cut other activities, so we stopped doing mass media advertising—outdoor, even less broadcast than we had been doing.

Retention became our focus. It was a lot to keep track of because we sent many different versions of similar pieces with different inserts, dropping at different times. We got real about which messages should and could go to each group and streamlined the segmentation. At that time I was in the phone room and very much involved in subscription sales and strategy.

For example, we had held people out of donation asks, because we moved them along slowly. But we made up that income, because the asks we DID make were more focused and appropriate. Both Ashley and Jeremy would occasionally ask how important this [retention effort] was.

Or, they would let me know that we were leaving money on the table. I would say that this focus was more important. That first year, it was an entirely new program with an entirely new team.

We had to adjust. But the focus never wavered.

Young audiences cas study

Initial results fuel perseverance Katie: Seeing results helped us stay focused around individual household cultivation. People in the organization and in the arts community were totally impressed. We got that initial validation that this was a good program. You need perseverance because arts patrons are not made overnight.

Retention efforts and learning continue Katie: They now are subject of further SRT exploration. When you have limited time and limited money, where are you going to put your priorities?

At SRT, audience development is a priority. To us, a big part of that is cultivation of new-to-file and new-to-season patrons. Download this case study To download a PDF of this case study, complete the form below: Posted October 1, Great case study from Graham Brown and on South Africa’s Nedbank advocacy efforts around their student-focused financial products.

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Here, we unpack how the influence of YouTube stars compares to the influence of stars of TV, film, sports, music, and more. Case Study May 1 Shaping a Culture of Lifelong Learning for Young Audiences: A Case Study on The Samsung Digital Discovery Centre at the British Museum Report prepared in .

View Young Audiences Case Study from PHILOSOPHY at University Of Connecticut. Session YA Case Study Questions 1. What were the goals and .

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