Where to buy paper umbrellas

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Where to buy paper umbrellas

When oil-paper umbrellas first appeared is unknown. Some estimate that they spread across to Korea and Japan during the Tang dynasty. It was commonly called the "green oil-paper umbrella" during the Song dynasty. The popularity grew and the oil-paper umbrella became commonplace during the Ming dynasty.

They are often mentioned in popular Chinese literature. By the 19th century, oil-paper umbrellas were a common item in international trade under the name kittisols. Basic production process[ edit ] The production process and required procedures are different in each region.

However, in general, they can be divided into four main steps: Bamboo is selected The bamboo is crafted and soaked in water.

It is then dried in the sun, drilled, threaded and assembled into a skeleton. Paper is cut and glued onto the skeleton.

It is trimmed, oiled, and exposed to sunlight. Lastly, patterns are painted onto the umbrella. Oil-paper umbrellas in China[ edit ] The art of the Chinese style of oil-paper umbrellas are mostly focused on traditional black and white Chinese painting such as flowers, birds, and scenery.

Yet, some have Chinese calligraphy instead of paintings. However, traditional colors are kept on the sticks and the scaffold of the umbrella to maintain the antiquity. Oil-paper umbrellas in Yuhang are made with high mechanical skills and top materials, which provide their endurance.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain does no damage, thus their popularity among common people. Oil-paper umbrellas in Yuhang are available in a variety of different types and purposes, including those used for fishing or as collectibles.

This establishment was once in the spotlight of the Chinese media, however, as the popular metallic umbrella appeared on the market and oil-paper umbrellas have faced extinction. Liu spent a few hundred RMB and bought some dozens of the bamboo umbrella from a bamboo umbrella factory.


But Liu did not have the skills, only to keep these as a "canvas" for 30 some years. A local media reported for a search of an oil-paper umbrella artisan and increased local awareness. Four days later, four artisans: They have passed their skills and technique to some local bamboo farmers and brought income to them.

The governmental officials of Yuhang have listed this art for major protection and important antique artifact Antiquities Act.

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Production requires skilled hands and technique as well as personal experience. Training to become a master in oil-paper umbrella manufacture requires an apprenticeship and a great deal of practice. Apprentices must practice the skills for three years to officially master this technique.

Tools are made by professional blacksmiths. The material of the umbrellas is chosen with care. The umbrella scaffold is made from either bamboo or wood, tied with hair strings.

The best umbrellas are made from peach flowers, as the umbrella surface is soaked in persimmon pigment.

Where to buy paper umbrellas

The persimmon pigment is made from fermenting the juice of green persimmons, [2] which provides a suitable stickiness. The soaked flower petals are stuck to the umbrella scaffold one by one. Paintings or pictures are drawn on the peach flower petals prior to painting tung oil on top.

The finalized umbrella is left to dry in a dry dark room.

Where to buy paper umbrellas

It requires at least 70 steps to produce a well-crafted oil-paper umbrella. Sichuan[ edit ] In LuzhouSichuanthe oil-paper umbrella culture started around the end of Ming dynasty and beginning of Qing dynasty.

Oil-paper umbrellas have existed in Sichuan for as long as four hundred years. Herem, the umbrellas are exquisite with fine paintings, abundant colors and beautiful outlooks, the umbrellas are also famous for their ability to shield strong winds.

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Oil-paper umbrella have been produced in both Fuzhou and Nanping of barnweddingvt.com oil-paper umbrella is one of the three treasures in Fuzhou (福州三寶).The other two are namely the 脫胎漆器 (Lacquerware) and the 牛角梳 (combs made of cattle horn).Umbrellas play a large part in Fuzhou residents' daily lives, local people call it 包 .

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