Travel writing and photography jobs

How about a stay in a luxury hotel? Do you prefer to backpack? Checkout Craigslist for job postings for any of the following jobs. Also, you could put an ad on Craigslist offering your travel writing services.

Travel writing and photography jobs

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Where to Find Amazing Freelance Photography Jobs January 17, Finding freelance photography jobs online can seem more challenging than finding writing or graphic design jobs. But with the right job search strategy, you can find plenty of amazing work. The key is knowing where to find the best opportunities so that you can really hone in on those rather than wasting time aimlessly searching.

So, if you want to focus your search to online opportunities, this is the place to start. Journalism Jobs As you know, photojournalism is a specific specialty of photography. In order to grow in that career, you need to build up a strong portfolio of news-related work.

Travel Photography Jobs - Stock Photography, Work For Travel Magazines

Journalism Jobs makes that a lot easier. Sign up for an account on the site, then use photography queries to narrow down the results.

travel writing and photography jobs

As a member of the site, you can save the jobs that stand out to you the most. When I would be on the job search, features like this made things much easier. Once you find listings that resonate with you, apply to them.

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travel writing and photography jobs

Connect with local employers looking for photographers Freelancer: Show off your skills and win projects Virtual Vocations: Telecommute opportunities all in one place Freelance Photo Jobs: Another curated site full of available jobs Guru: Showcase your work, pitch projects and connect with great employers Fiverr:People who searched for Salary and Career Info for a Travel Writer found the following related articles and links useful.

Freelance Travel Writer: Job Description and Salary. Find freelance Photography work on Upwork. Photography online jobs are available. Find freelance Travel Writing work on Upwork. 5 Travel Writing online jobs are available. 3, Travel Writer jobs available on Apply to Freelance Writer, Writer/Editor, Content Writer and more!

Photography Remote, Part-Time, & Freelance Jobs Welcome to the Photography remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page! Photography is a creative field with many options, such as commercial work, event photography, portrait, nature, sports, and journalism.

Travel the world. Tell the world.

Whether you’re interested in travel writing, photography, planning tours, or the import/export business, we’ll show you how you can supplement your travels and create a new part or full-time income with these endeavors and live the life of your dreams!

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