Steps in writing a technical proposal

So the number of employers who don't ask to see a portfolio when they are looking for technical writers is quite surprising. However, a good portion of those employers who take seriously the task of filling a technical writing position do want to see examples of your writing.

Steps in writing a technical proposal

Identify their level of technical knowledge Identify how they will use the guide Audience Definitions In the planning process, develop an audience definition that identifies: The user The system The tasks Software is used to do specific things.

Users want to know what the software can do for them, for example, how to print a page in landscape. They are generally not interested in the nitty-gritty technical details; they want to click a button and get a result.

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The User Guide is to teach them how the software helps them to do something. Depending on the guide in question, you may need to address several audiences. Programmers who will troubleshoot the program IT Managers who want to know the resources the program requires Project Managers who want to confirm that the original requirements were met.

If you are writing for more than one audience, develop an audience definition for each one.

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Examine the definitions and see if you can address all audience types with one document. In many situations, you may need to write a number of documents, of which the users guide is only one.

When planning, use the audience definition to focus your decisions. When writing, the audience definition serves as a guide for the documentation team and as a benchmark for evaluating the results. Here are some questions that will help define your audience's needs: Where will they use the document, for example, in the office, at home, in their car?

How much experience have they of using your application? Is this guide an upgrade to an existing application?


Is your application new? If so, you may want to include a Getting Started document to introduce the software. How will they use the user guide? Will they install the software by themselves or do so over the internet?

What level of detail is required?

steps in writing a technical proposal

Will graphics help their understanding of how to use your product? Writing the User Guide Each user guide is comprised of front page, body sections, and a back page.

The following section describes what each of these needs to contain. Front Page cover pages Include a cover page, table of contents, and a preface, if necessary.

steps in writing a technical proposal

Cover and Title Page If the user guide is copyrighted, include a copyright notice. Place the copyright notice on the cover and also the title page. Disclaimer Include a standard disclaimer inside the front cover that outlines the Terms and Conditions for using this guide.

Preface Use this section to reference other documents related to the software. Make sure you refer to the correct release number for all software and documents that you refer to.

If necessary, include a section on "How to use this guide" as an introduction.A technical proposal is one of the most important tasks in business or technical writing.

A well-written proposal can secure your organization a new sales client, . This user-friendly guide helps students get started on--and complete--a successful doctoral dissertation proposal by accessibly explaining the process and breaking it down into manageable steps.

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Tip 3. Writing a technical proposal. Writing a technical proposal is a unique challenge. On the one hand, you are faced with presenting some highly specific technical details about a potentially complex product. Guidelines for Project Proposals* A technical proposal, often called a "Statement of Work,” is a persuasive document.

Its objectives are to 1. Identify what work is to be done 2. What are the steps in the design process? (Describe and use the nine-step model from.

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