Rcm business plan 2012 election

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Rcm business plan 2012 election

New Matilda contributing editor Wendy Bacon reports. Last week, Sydney Motorway Corporation began sweeping away scores of homes, trees and open space across the inner western suburbs of Haberfield, Concord, and Homebush to make way for construction sites for the M4 East stage of its controversial kilometre system of WestConnex tollways.

It intends to destroy more hectares of Sydney Park and St Peters in a couple of months, after already compulsorily acquiring hundreds of homes and businesses.

But two names stand out among the corporate crowd: Rcm business plan 2012 election WestConnex was transferred to the publicly-owned private company the Sydney Motorway Corporation, its contracts have not been published.

Leightons has denied these claims. Beau Giles, Flickr The Sydney Motorway Corporation responded by stating that they had a signed statutory declaration by Rizzani-Leighton stating that sub-contractor payments were up-to-date.

The evidence revealed in this story, plus evidence contained in these other media reports, raises questions about due diligence being exercised over the choice of WestConnex contractors, and the extent to which private interests have been allowed to influence Federal and State transport planning.

Planning the Clem7 Back inthe tollway business relied on wooing private investors rather than governments. In accepting the forecasting contract, AECOM agreed to use its best professional judgement in its traffic projections.

The Clem7 traffic projections turned out to be wildly off the mark. AECOM had forecast that more than 60, vehicles a day could be using Clem7 within a month of opening, and 90, after six months.

Unsurprisingly, The Clem7 went bankrupt in February Meanwhile the Maurice Blackburn lawsuit, which has explosive ramifications for WestConnex, continues in the Federal Court. This strategy, which is designed to limit its liability by spreading the cost of a potential settlement over a number of parties, was unsuccessful in the first case.

Earlier this year, a number of intriguing emails which form part of the evidence in the case were distributed to a courtroom crowded with nearly 30 lawyers, representing different parties in the class action suit.

The emails present a startling fresh insight into the relationship between the players in the Clem7 project, and how the investors came to be kept in the dark on traffic projections.

Hicks had spent years working at NSW Transport before he moved to Leightons, where he worked for 20 years until his departure in Decemberjust around the time the NSW government announced that Leightons had been selected as the lead partner in the first of three WestConnex construction contracts.

Six months later the email correspondence continued. The original contained a graph showing both low and base cases, whereas the hard copy depicted only the base case.

It is important that we demonstrate in the presentation that [AECOM] have produced two set of forecasts. The PDS will say so, so we must disclose that at the presentation.


If the base case is not achieved their return falls. All the sensitivities are calculated against the base case traffic. Whether the low case is described in the PDS or not, the presentation only must not be inconsistent with it.

A description of the low case will only serve to confuse the investors without giving them any information about what traffic needs to be achieved for them to get them to get their return This is all that concerns them.

Misleading and deceptive conduct? No reference to base case as an aggressive equity forecast and Peter glossed glibly over the aggressive assumptions — e. Concerned that the base case number will go public. Broadbent then spelled out more detailed concerns about what potential investors were told about network assumptions.

Hicks has not given evidence in the court case and his interpretation of events may well differ from those of AECOM staff. As an ambitious, expanding company, it was hunting for strategies that would enable it to prosper. Staying with Leighton team will mean more of the same — so far not all that bad for business!!

He suggested a hold on BOOT negotiations while advice was sought: These projects also ended up in court. None of this was disclosed to Syncora which was instead led to believe that [AECOM] was an objective adviser on whom it could, and did, rely.

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In Augustthis litigation was settled when Syncora took over the Macquarie interests, and agreed to drop the litigation. The privately funded tollway construction model was facing disaster. Arup, the forecaster for the BrisConnections tollway had also been sued in a case that was settled last year.

Such forecasts do not properly relate to the interaction of land use and transport, and it is not surprising that they are not fulfilled. The Clem 7 tunnel opens in earlywith Brisbane residents invited on a walk through.

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rcm business plan 2012 election

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rcm business plan 2012 election

Magagula is a graduate fellow from the University of Swaziland. He holds B.A. law and LLB degree from the same university. He has done research with various consultancy firms in Swaziland before. New Matilda’s ongoing investigation into Leighton Contractors and AECOM – two key players in NSW’s controversial WestConnex project – reveals a history of email warnings of disastrous traffic projections and failed tollway solutions.

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