National bookstore marketing mix

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National bookstore marketing mix

However, the customers of National Bookstore are not limited to just students and office workers. The company also caters to kids through the sale of toys, coloring books, crayons and et cetera. Adults are also customers of National Bookstore since they avail of the various selections of books that National has to offer.

Students and other consumers as well know that National Bookstore offers products of good quality and of affordable prices that are of great benefit to the consumers.

National Bookstore also offers branded school supplies like Staedler, Stabilo, Cattleya, and et cetera. However, National Bookstore also offers their own product line named Best Buy which is more affordable than other brands.

We will write a custom essay sample on National Bookstore: National Bookstore products have become a necessity for students and office workers.

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So much so, that Filipinos equate and refer to bookstores National bookstore marketing mix National, like how photocopying is equated to Xerox and marker to Pentel. Filipinos rely so much on National Bookstore providing them quality products that Filipinos no longer look at other bookstores in the market and instead, focus only on National Bookstore.

Price Affordable pricing is one objective that National Bookstore has — every product is of the best quality at the best price. Since consumers know that what National Bookstore offers to them are their needs, the consumers are willing to pay the prices set since using the products will maximize their utility.

Luckily, National Bookstore has many pricing strategies that meet the demands of the different customers they have. National Bookstore uses Product Line Pricing which is evident in the many different brands of the same products they offer. Obviously, those products are priced differently and accordingly to the features that the product has and the benefit the consumer receives.

An example would be the school notebooks that National Bookstores sells. Some notebooks that are not branded have rough and thin leaves while other branded ones like Corona or Cattleya have smooth and thicker leaves.

National bookstore marketing mix

The prices of the two products are not the same, with the branded products having a higher price. This reflects the Product Line Pricing National Bookstore has since the better features a product has, its price should also be higher.

National bookstore marketing mix

National Bookstore also uses Bundle Pricing where it bundles products at a reduced price. An example of this is the bundling of pens or pencils into three pieces or more for a price lower than if you buy the pens per piece.

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Also, when the school season is near, National Bookstore offers bundled pad paper of different sizes size 1, size 2, size 3 and size 4 or more commonly, the intermediate, cross-wise, length-wise and one-fourth pad papers for a lower price than if you buy the pad paper individually. Promotion National Bookstore uses many promotional strategies to communicate to their target market.

Members of the Laking National program earn points from the products they buy and are given discounts on selected items, privileges to avail of services from partner agencies.

National Bookstore also takes advantage of seasonality of their sales, especially during the months May and June where demand for school supplies is high. The company heavily promotes during this period by using sales promotions and giving special offers like bundling of goods such as pad paper and pens.

Lastly, National Bookstore operates and has its own website http:The integrated marketing communications mix is a comprehensive marketing communication plan that combines and evaluates a variety of strategic communication disciplines – general advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations, sponsorships and others, to provide.

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