Media group business plan

Trust plays a large role in purchase decisions for consumers, who tend to favor established brands over new startup ones.

Media group business plan

After its approval by the Board of Directors last Friday, the new Plan is being presented to the financial community today. The editorial segment is going through a phase of profound transformation, with all existing paradigms in terms of media, content, audience, frequency and distribution having radically changed.

Content consumption is constantly growing, driven as it is by the time spent online, while the traditional print media is continuing along a structural decline. Audiences have developed new methods of interacting with content, with a continuous demand for updates and, at the same time, a rising interest in global and hyperlocal contents.

The advertising market is also undergoing considerable change with increasing less distinction between AboveTheLine and BelowTheLine, and there is more and more integration with the content. These changes are radically altering the opportunity profile for publishing companies.

media group business plan

They can, and must, face the challenges of promoting contents and data in the future, of the transformation of communications and marketing, and of the knowledge and retention of audiences.

Focus will be centred on a new and different idea of the product that integrates its different dimensions in a systemic and balanced manner: In this context, the RCS Group has the opportunity to build a solid future based on its undisputed leadership position in the markets where it operates thanks to excellent brands, on its ability to develop and promote iconic events and sport formats, and on its potentials for synergies and international expansion rising out of its multi-language and multi-country configuration.

The future success of the RCS Group is linked to the achievement of three key objectives: To achieve these objectives, the Plan is focused on eight basic actions: Persistently reduce costs while protecting investments and quality 2.

Selectively invest in high-potential areas 4. Exploit scale to optimize technological platforms 5. Optimize the value chain by leading the print industry consolidation process 6.

Simplify the organization, focusing on capabilities, accountability and execution 8. Persistently reduce costs while protecting investments and quality Net benefits amounting to about Euro 60 million are forecast for Roughly Euro 45 million will come from measures implemented on external costs; about Euro 15 million are connected with the labor costs, which is the result of a gross reduction of about Euro 40 million right-sizing of the corporate functions and of process support and simplification, also appealing to union agreementsoffset by an inertial trend and new recruitments totalling approximately Euro 25 million.

In the mid-term, assessment of opportunities for further strategic development, also through selected partnerships, whose impact is presently not contemplated in the Plan.

Light development model through selected partners that guarantee a prominent presence in the area and complementary local content. Optimize the value chain by leading the print industry consolidation process Promotion of the necessary process of optimizing the Italian printing industry by following a route that first of all is aimed at increasing saturation of the production system that the Group uses today and at assessing possible joint initiatives with other players in the Italian market.

Simplify the organization, focusing on capabilities, accountability and execution New organization model, redesigned to be consistent with the Plan in order to: The targets of the Business Plan follow.

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