Meaning of garnier logo

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Meaning of garnier logo

Mysteries of the Opera Garnier Guided Tour None of these tours can guarantee the access to the auditorium of the Opera Garnier Paris, as it may be closed for technical or artistic reasons.

The day tour includes the visit to the Library-Museum of the Opera, which is closed at night.

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Also, some people may prefer to admire Palais Garnier architecture and decoration with daylight. Also, this tour starts when the Opera Garnier has closed to the public so you can visit le Palais Garnier without the crowds. We decided to take the guided day tour and we enjoyed every minute of it!

To deal with this unexpected problem, Garnier decided to incorporate this underground water into the project and designed a double foundation to protect the superstructure from moisture.

This new design incorporated a watercourse and an enormous concrete cistern cuve which would both relieve the pressure of the external groundwater on the basement walls and serve as a reservoir in case of fire.

The legend of a mysterious underground lake in the Opera is true more on this later.

Meaning of garnier logo

The building is Le Palais Garnier Paris was completed in and today is considered a masterpiece of Neo-Baroque Architecture, as well as one of the most beautiful places in Paris.

Garnier combined masterfully the colors and textures offered by different kinds of marble and stones, porphyry, gilded bronze, iron framework and other materials. After the guided visit you can stay inside the building as long as you want. This is a space with a rather dark atmosphere: Season ticket holders went to the opera times a week, not because there were different performances but to show off and socialize.

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The theater has a horseshoe shape, so-called for the way the seats are arranged to see and to be seen. It is decorated with marble, stucco, velvet, and gilding. That day we were very lucky: Some technicians were working on the decorations for the next show, and they did not mind having us hanging around.

The ceiling supports an 8-ton bronze and crystal chandelier with lights which is a wonder.

Meaning of garnier logo

The guide told us she was training to enter the prestigious Palais Garnier Ballet, a very difficult competition which takes place every year during the first days of March. This hall had an important role for Paris society as it was the perfect place to socialize while drinking champagne during the interacts.

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The Grand Foyer was inspired by Versailles Palace, with lots of natural light, gold, and mirrors. Its ceiling represents various moments in the history of music. Box Number 5 This is something that we could not see by ourselves because it is only visited during the night tour. Today, this box is sold out for every single performance and it seems to be a wonderful place to see the opera without being seen.

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