Local government australia essay

History[ edit ] There is no mention of local government in the Constitution of Australiathough it is mentioned several times in the Annotated Constitution of Australia [7] [8] namely where "Municipal institutions and local government" appears in Annotation"Power of the Parliament of a Colony" under "Residuary Legislative Powers" on pages and The first official local government in Australia was the Perth Town Trustestablished inonly three years after British settlement. The City of Melbourne and the Sydney Corporation followed, both in Council representatives attended conventions before Federationhowever local government was unquestionably regarded as outside the Constitutional realm.

Local government australia essay

The Australian System of Government Australian Democracy The Australian system of government has its beginnings in two great democratic traditions. Following British settlement inthe Westminster model was used as the basis of government in the six separate colonies established across the continent in the 19th century.

Local government australia essay

When those colonies met to discuss the formation of a national government in they opted for a relationship between the national and state governments similar to that of the United States. At the same time they opted to retain the Westminster model as the basis for the legislature, the executive government and the judiciary at the national and state level.

The American tradition is expressed through a written constitution defining the powers of the national government. Australia was declared a federation in with the concurrence of the British Parliament, and now has a Federal Government, six State Governments and two Territories which are largely self-governing.

The Constitution This document, drawn up in constitutional conventions in the s and ratified at referenda in all six colonies, reserves for the Federal Government power over defence, foreign affairs, trade and commerce, taxation, customs and excise duties, pensions, immigration and postal services.

Other powers are left with the States, but federal law prevails if there is a conflict over concurrent powers. The Constitution vests the executive powers of government in a Governor-General representing Queen Elizabeth II of England also the Queen of Australiabut they are exercised by tradition on behalf of the elected government.

Only once, inhas the Governor-General dismissed an elected national government. The Constitution can be changed only if both houses of the Federal Parliament agree on a national referendum, and that can be successful only if it gains an overall majority nationally and in four of the six States.

Of the 42 proposals for Constitutional change put sinceonly eight have been successful.

The Federal Government

The Federal Government and Parliament The form of government at the national level corresponds largely with the British democratic tradition. The federal legislature consists of a House of Representatives of members representing individual electorates in all States and Territories and elected on a preferential voting system, and a Senate consisting of 12 representatives from each State and two from each Territory elected through proportional representation.

The party with the majority in the House of Representatives provides a ministry from its members in the House of Representatives and the Senate, with the Prime Minister traditionally coming from the House of Representatives.

Membership in the House of Representatives is divided between two major groupings, the Australian Labor Party and a coalition of the Liberal Party and therural-based National Party.

Elections must be held every three years, but may be held more frequently with the consent of the Governor-General.

The Senate is more diverse in its membership. The two major groupings provide the majority of members. However, the Australian Democrats, and recently other minor parties, have held the balance of power for most of the past 20 years.

If the Government fails to command a majority in the House of Representatives it must ask the Governor-General to authorise an election or resign. It need not, however, command a majority in the Senate.

Senators are generally elected for six-year terms. Each Minister of State is responsible to Parliament for the operation of a department, in some cases jointly with other ministers. The amalgamation of departments in the past decade has resulted in the assignment of responsibilities in the larger departments to a portfolio minister, assisted by one or more ministers within the same portfolio.

There are many statutory agencies, corporations, tribunals and commissions in the federal public sector, all responsible to particular ministers.

Local government australia essay

Australia is one of the few countries to adopt compulsory voting at the national and state level and to have a permanent electoral commission charged with overseeing fair elections and regular redistribution of the boundaries of electorates for the House of Representatives. This ensures, as nearly as practicable, the same number of electors in each electorate.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Federal, State and Local Governments Hire Writer There are two ways, other than pure federalism, to organize power among national and regional governments. Pure federalism is also known as a federal system.

The Australian Electoral Commission also administers public funding provisions for registered political parties and eligible independents.The Federal Government The Federal or Commonwealth Government is responsible for the conduct of national affairs.

Its areas of responsibility are stated in the Australian Constitution and include defence and foreign affairs; trade, commerce and currency; immigration; postal services, telecommunications and broadcasting; air travel; most social services and pensions.

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The American tradition is expressed through a written constitution defining the powers of the national government. Australia was declared a federation in with the concurrence of the British Parliament, and now has a Federal Government, six State Governments and two Territories which are largely self-governing.

State and Local Government. The Australian Government Essay; The Australian Government Essay. Words 6 Pages. When you think of the “land down under” you don’t really think of the kind of government they have.

I chose to write about the Australian government because I really don’t hear much about Australia. It currently has a pretty interesting story to tell.

The Importance of Leadership for Australia Essay - In Australia the role of management in global competitiveness became a significant public policy issue during the labor government on the background of extensive reform (Rozario & Hampson , p.2).

This is because local government runs our city utilities, libraries, fire departments, public swimming pools, parks, local law enforcement and many other areas of .

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