Irony in crucible essay

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Irony in crucible essay

Although Governor Danforth did not appear in this play until Act Three, he should take the most blame for the ridiculous witch-hunt in Salem. First of all, he cannot distinguish the difference between regular civil lawsuits and religious persecutions: But witchcraft is ipso jacto, on its face and by its nature, an invisible crime […] we cannot hope the witch will accuse herself […] we must rely upon her victims — and they do testify, the children certainly do testify.

As for the witches, none will deny that we are most eager for all their confessions Miller From here, it is clear that Danforth thinks witch trails are too illusive to use normal civil proceedings to determine who is guilty or not.

Second, he also messed up the differences between religious and civil duty. However, this is not taking a vow in a religious ceremony; this is in the court. In other words, people have the right to call for lawyers to defend themselves.

Because Danforth is in the highest rank of the social ladder, he represents the combined authority of the church and state in his theocratic society of the day.

Irony in crucible essay

He is the puppeteer and everyone else is just a puppet on a string. His pride blinds him from seeing the truth, and once again, pride disassociated him from the honest people. He does not want his reputation go down by admitting he had made an uncorrectable mistake.

Pride, as the greatest sin of all time, is the downfall of Danforth. This is why he is the most blameful person in this play.

Some people pointed out that Hale and Parris should also be blamed for their breach of duty. Although Hale and Parris are also the authorities in Salem, as well as the heads of the court, they are less responsible for the tragedy of the witch trail compared to Danforth.

In comparison to him, Danforth the old fogey held onto his belief to the end. Danforth, however, put his pride over others' lives.

Danforth should be blamed for his misunderstood of religious and civil duty, his breach of duty, and his extreme lust for pride.

Works Cited Miller, Arthur. Posted by Lu Li at 2:Many of the Crucible quotes fall into the category of “dramatic irony”, which is the irony that’s created when there’s a mismatch between what a character thinks or . Irony in The Crucible Irony is a contrast between what is stated and what is meant, or between what is expected to happen and what actually happens.

The Crucible is a play by the American playwright Arthur Miller, and is filled with examples of irony throughout the play to build suspense and create anxiety. Analysis of Irony in The Crucible. 3 Pages Words June Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly!

Each stage production of The Crucible differs from every other in two areas. First, directors stage the play according to their own styles, using various props and costumes while suggesting numerous interpretations of characters. Essay on child labor in nepal s.

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