External influences in consumer behavior

Some of the external factors that influences consumer behavior are as follows: Besides the internal factors, external factors also influence consumer behaviour.

External influences in consumer behavior

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One example of this are cultural factors. Culture represents the behavior, beliefs and, in many cases, the way we act which is learned by interacting with and observing other members of society. In this way, much of what we do is shared behavior, passed along from one member of society to another.

Yet culture is a broad concept that, while of interest to marketers, is not nearly as important as understanding what occurs within smaller groups or subcultures.

External influences in consumer behavior

Customers simultaneously belong to multiple subcultures whose cultural attributes may be different. For instance, people may simultaneously belong to different groups based on ethnicity, religious beliefs, geographic location, musical tastes, sports team allegiance, environmental concerns, and countless others.

In a business situation, there exist subcultures within an organization. As part of their efforts to convince customers to purchase their products, marketers often use cultural representations, especially in promotional appeals. The objective is to connect to consumers using cultural references that are easily understood and often embraced by the consumer.

By doing so the marketer hopes the consumer feels more comfortable with or can relate better to the product since it corresponds with their cultural values. Additionally, smart marketers use strong research efforts in an attempt to identify differences in how subculture behaves.

These efforts help pave the way for spotting trends within a subculture, which the marketer can capitalize on through new marketing tactics e.Learn more about the external factors that influence a consumers online behaviour and sales at the mporium blog.


The number of potential influences on consumer buying behaviour is External influences are aptly named so because the source of influence comes from outside the person rather than from the inside and include factors like.

This ppt would be useful for those who wants to understand what external factors affect consumer behavior. Consumer behaviour external factors 1.

External Influences in Consumer BehaviorPREPARED BYMATHEW LAWRENCE 3. In this concern, the most substantial help for marketers can be done by going through the process of consumer behaviour and identifying specific internal and external influences on consumers (Schiffman, ).

Economic Conditions. The current state of economic conditions has a direct impact on buyers.

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While, in certain cases, a consumer’s financial status is controllable (i.e., able to control wasteful spending), in other instances what the consumer has available for spending is affected by economic factors that are beyond their control.

External Influences: Culture Posted on by admin Consumer purchasing decisions are often affected by factors that are outside of their control but have direct or indirect impact on how we live and what we consume. Consumer behavior involves the psychological processes that consumers go through in recognizing needs, Sources of influence on the consumer.

The consumer faces numerous sources of influence. Consumers engage in both internal and external information search.

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