Comment on the role of the ghost in hamlet

Romeo and Juliet's tryst on the balcony Source Romeo and Juliet: In Romeo and Juliet, the two romantic leads come from opposing sides of a family feud in the fictional city of Verona, Italy. The "fearful passage of their death-marked love" Act I, Prologue ends in grief, but finally puts a stop to the enmity of their families.

Comment on the role of the ghost in hamlet

In fact, he's mostly moping and in a state of hopeless gloom about his father's death and his mother's quick marriage to Claudius. When the ghost finally speaks, to Hamlet, the ghost tells him to take vengeance upon Claudius. This is what sets Hamlet's convoluted plan for revenge in motion.

There has been and continues to be debate amongst critics Prior to the ghost's presence and interaction with HamletHamlet is not concerned with revenge.

There has been and continues to be debate amongst critics and readers as to the reality of the ghost. Some say the ghost did actually appear to HoratioHamlet, Barnardo, and Marcellus. Others say that the ghost was a hallucination; and although being a hallucination to more than one character is difficult to prove, such critics could argue that these characters were predisposed perhaps because of a communal openness to the supernatural to want to see apparitions.

William Shakespeare

Still others, suppose that the ghost was a demon comparable to the witches in Macbeth who leads Hamlet on a wild revenge chase. However, it seems most likely that the ghost did actually appear to Barnardo, Horatio, Marcellus, and Hamlet. So, it is more likely that the ghost was real rather than a hallucination seen by so many different characters.

Note that in III. This suggests that the ghost's main purpose has nothing to do with Gertrude, and everything to do with encouraging Hamlet to avenge him by killing Claudius.

The ghost notes that he cannot rest until justice has been served. The further implication from this is that Denmark will not return to its natural state it is "rotten" according to Marcellus at the end of I.

In Act 1, Scene 5, the ghost says: I am thy father's spirit, Doomed for a certain term to walk the night, And for the day confined to fast in fires Till the foul crimes done in my days of nature Are burnt and passed away.

Therefore, the ghost can not rest until Hamlet avenges him by killing Claudius. However, other scholars suggest that the ghost is actually a demon who entices Hamlet to seek revenge and thus lead to his own death.

This is actually suggested in the play by Hamlet himself.

Comment on the role of the ghost in hamlet

The spirit that I have seen May be the devil, and the devil hath power T'assume a pleasing shape; yea, and perhaps, Out of my weakness and my melancholy- As he is very potent with such spirits- Abuses me to damn me.

While there is uncertainty about whether or not the ghost was real, the majority consensus is that Shakespeare intended that the audience viewed the ghost to be real, a real manifestation of Hamlet's father's dead soul, having come back to encourage Hamlet to set things right.

Whether or not the ghost is real, his is incredibly important because it is he who sets to Hamlet the entire revenge plot in motion.Collett tackled the sizable role of Hamlet with vigor, while Sweet lent her considerable talents to the bulk of the other main characters.

Logistics were clearly a key consideration in divvying up the parts, but neither Collett or Sweet was ever half-hearted in her portrayal of even the smallest role. The Ghost in Shakespeare’s Hamlet plays an important role in setting into motion the young Hamlet’s struggle to do what is right by both his father and his mother.

It is not a stretch to suggest that the immediate introduction of the Ghost is a purposeful warning of unpleasant things both past and future for Hamlet and other key players. With a group of visiting actors, Hamlet arranges the performance of a story representing circumstances similar to those described by the ghost, under which Claudius poisoned Hamlet’s father.

When the play is presented as planned, the performance clearly unnerves Claudius. The Role of the Ghost in Hamlet by William Shakespeare The role of the ghost in Hamlet is twofold: firstly it is to create interest; secondly it is to further the narrative of the play.

Shakespeare recognized that he needed to create interest in the audience from the very first scene of the play. Hamlet's Relationship with the Ghost From Hamlet, an ideal prince, and other essays in Shakesperean interpretation: Hamlet mentioned that Shakespeare's role as "the Ghost in his own Hamlet" was "the top of his performance." Read on More to Explore Hamlet: The Complete Play with Explanatory Notes Hamlet Basics The Hamlet and Ophelia.

Hamlet - Comment on Humanity The Elizabethan play The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark is one of William Shakespeare's most popular works. One of the possible reasons for this play's popularity is the way Shakespeare uses the character Hamlet to exemplify the complex workings of the human mind.

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