Chapter 6 root position part writing answers to questions

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Chapter 6 root position part writing answers to questions

Together, the two excerpts from Book 6 below, illustrate two key points. God has kept them alive as a nation, despite the efforts of many powerful nations to destroy them. You would multiply it by A week is always seven, and so seventy weeks of years is a lot of the new translations have already calculated it for you and what have they got?

The Jew - Israel. When Christ died on the Cross.

chapter 6 root position part writing answers to questions

And you remember several lessons ago this was one of the verses that we split with a parenthesis and a dash, because the next part of this verse is still future.

Chronologists and archaeologists have teamed up and they have actually found the decree that Daniel mentions here, that gave the Jew permission to go back after their Temple had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar; it was dated, and from that date, it was March 14, BC, up until Palm Sunday, was exactly years.

But, the prophecy said years. Sixty-nine of them were fulfilled at the Cross, but the 70th week, or that final seven years is still unfulfilled. And he the Anti-christ shall confirm the covenant with many for seven years.

But, here in Matthew 24, Jesus puts his stamp of approval upon the prophet Daniel. Never forget that this great Tribulation period, the seven years that is spoken of throughout all the Old Testament, is referred to here by Christ.

Which means it is primarily God dealing with the Nation of Israel after all these years of seemingly ignoring them, and yet not really. Because always remember, one of the greatest miracles of the whole human race is the Nation of Israel.

They should have been long gone, but here they are after over 4, years of history; and more than one government, more than one empire, more than one king has tried to obliterate them.

And yet, here they are. And so, one day as he was conducting his inspection, he came to this general and sneeringly said, "General, tell me why do you still believe The Bible? Tell me in one or two words. The proof of this Book is the Nation of Israel.

God is not through with them. Now, here in Matthew 24, verse 15, He says to the Twelve, "when ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, that would be in the Temple whoso readeth, let him understand.

Now, as I was driving up here for our lesson today, I was trying to sort things out in my own mind, because this is not just a short lesson, and we can go on to another subject some other time.

All Scripture is by inspiration and is profitable. But, I maintain that you have to be aware to whom the particular passage was directed.

chapter 6 root position part writing answers to questions

And so, here again, Daniel makes it so plain that "seventy weeks," or seventy weeks of years, or years, "are determined upon thy people. So, we are just taking a brief overview. And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: Remember, that Abraham, the beginning of the Jewish nation, began about 2, BC.

The Cross would be in the middle. Now, in this passage of Daniel, he is speaking of years that would transpire from the decree from the king, which we find in Nehemiah 2. That decree was found to be dated in BC.

If I remember right, the date was March All you have do is remember a scriptural year is days, not But you still have to compensate for those 5 days and leap years, so you just punch it out in your calculator, even with our present day calendar, from BC, archaeologists have found this.

From BC until the year of the Crucifixion, as I calculate it, comes to within about one year. And there can easily be that much difference in calendarization and so forth.

So always remember that the Scripture is so accurate. So, anyway, Daniel has determined that there would be years from that decree of Nehemiah 2 until the Crucifixion. But, the total years that God was going to deal with Israel was So, if took place up to the Cross, that means there is seven years left.

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