Canada visa process

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Canada visa process

Because Canadians are not restricted for travel in the United States, it is likely that US citizens will enjoy this same benefit meaning they will not need an eTA to travel to Canada. Canadian eTA Application As the name implies, filing for and obtaining an eTA will be an electronic, or web based process.

Tourists will visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC website where they will need to supply personal information such as their name and birth date and possibly their fingerprints in order to receive their eTA. The authorization is generated via the website, printed out and then submitted to the appropriate immigration officials along with all other travel documentation before departing for Canada.

Because it will be easier to identify undesirable or inadmissible parties, such as those with no fly orders or criminal records, it will be easier to prevent them from ever entering the country. Thus the manpower and funds that are allotted for sending these individuals back to where they came from will be reduced and in the long run, save the government potentially crucial resources.

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It is believed that the necessity for an eTA will deter some foreign nationals who are well aware of their ineligibility from applying for one, especially as certain personal details are required prior to departing from their resident location.

The eTA will also give the CIC a way to gather data and track the travel patterns of foreign nationals who are visa exempt.

The government had no way to do this before as there was no pre-screening process for foreign nationals until now.

Canada visa process

The eTA program is also an introduction to a new tool which will allow for more distinct and personal risk assessments for foreign national than what was possible with previous visa requirements. With this system in place it is something to be considered when conducting strategic discussions about the visa policy framework and any changes that it is discovered should be implemented.

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The eTA is a printed document issued directly to a traveller, and no copy is shared with air carriers. The authorization is linked electronically to your passport and is valid for five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. Good for tourism, vacation holidays, friend or family visits, medical care, participation in social events.

Consult with business associates, attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference, attend short-term training or negotiate a contract. Only individuals holding a passport from one of the following countries are eligible for the eTA:Established in , Migration Expert is a private immigration company with a team of highly experienced ICCRC regulated migration consultants who represent clients from across the globe wishing to apply for a Canadian visa.

If you are applying from outside Canada and want to come here on temporary basis, you may follow choose any of the below Visa application process as per your Visa Type, i.e. Work, Study, Visit, or Super Visa etc.

Canada visa process

Apply for your visa in 3 easy steps! This website allows you to apply and register your obligatory eVisa before travelling to Canada. Our service assist you through the eVisa process and response to each inquiry regarding the form and related issues.

Welcome to the Canada Visa Application Centres. Please select the region and country you wish to apply from.

All. Following these 4 simple steps for Canada Immigration increase your chances of getting your Canadian Visa. And we have the numbers to prove it! READ MORE. Mar 12,  · The tourist visa of Canada is a temporary Canadian immigration option that allows tourists to visit Canada for tourism and recreational purposes.

A Canadian tourist visa is also known as a Canadian visitor visa or a Canadian temporary resident visa (TVR). The Canadian tourist visa is granted for a maximum period of six months.

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