Built to last

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Built to last

Built to last

But how well have the companies it lionized and the principles it espoused stood the test of time? Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, the management book by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras that is one of the best-selling business books ever.

Or the first time he listened to it, anyway. And we put on the CD. He found himself agreeing with virtually everything they said.


Although Collins says that goal should be something that takes decades, Ducey chose a shorter-term one in August ofwhen there were just 74 Cold Stone stores. Now celebrating the year anniversary of its unheralded publication inBTL has sold 3.

The momentum continues even today: HarperBusiness, its publisher, is putting out a new hardcover edition in January Why Some Companies Make the Leap. Did the visionary companies celebrated in its pages turn out to be the corporate equivalents of the Rolling Stones or of the s one-hit-wonder group A-Ha?

As for the principles, many of them still hold up today, partly because some of them are so broad as to appear applicable to virtually everyone. To take this book — or any business book — as gospel is to set yourself up for a fall.

Each has struggled in recent years, and all Built to last faced serious questions about their leadership and strategy. Relying on reams of historical research and survey responses from CEOs on which companies they considered to be the most visionary, Collins and Porras selected a basketful of companies.

Then they tried to distill the essential principles that made them visionary and set them apart from other, simply average companies. To set up a contrast, the authors also used a group of comparison companies in the same industries — outfits with equally long histories but less-stellar performances.

The authors discovered that the visionary companies did certain things very differently from their duller rivals, things that in large part were more about the internal than the external and had little to do with technology or number-crunching.

Rather, the authors suggested, exceptional performance was achievable by virtually anyone with a little common sense and whose heart and soul was in the right place. It has only recently showed some improvement.

The authors argue that these laggards are the exceptions that prove their original rules. Rather, Boeing has seen its once dominant position in the aircraft industry supplanted by the more aggressive efforts of Airbus, and its reputation for integrity eroded by an ethics scandal that led to the resignation of its CEO, Phil Condit, last year.

Today, every one of the 18 companies cited is still in business, still a household name, still producing lightbulbs or computers or cigarettes or services or experiences. These companies have taken leadership roles in their industries, offering innovative products while consistently outsmarting their rivals.

Certainly, Wal-Mart and GE can be said to dominate their industries. And much of their success seems to resonate with ideas presented in BTL.

As a result of its vision-driven zeal for offering customers the lowest prices, Wal-Mart has been blamed for a whole range of perceived transgressions — from killing mom-and-pop stores to suppressing unions to shipping jobs to China. And that raises the infernal question that dogs the critical analysis of any business book: Have companies struggled because they ignored the principles in the book or because they followed them?

Or because business conditions changed? Collins goes so far as to say that to focus on the companies at all shows a lack of understanding of the book. If they had conducted the CEO survey at a different time, they very well could have had different companies.

Virtually every company on the list, when asked what made it a BTL company today, trotted out a laundry list of decisions, new products, and value statements as proof of its worthiness to belong to this elite club. Lafley has made, from getting rid of Crisco and Jif to reaching out to external innovation partners.

Which brings up a deeper, more fundamental question about not only BTL but about any business book that becomes so widely adopted: Fast Companyto be sure, celebrates many such books. To be built to last, you have to be built for change! And that can be a problem.

The same was true of the first real business blockbuster, In Search of Excellence: Published inat a time when corporate America had been shocked out of its complacency by the rise of Japan Inc. BTL offered a message of hope and good feeling in an era when horizons seemed limitless: If you could unite your company around a system of core values that everyone actually believed in and goals that were wildly ambitious, you could have great success.

For every management theory, there is an opposite one that makes as much sense.BUILT TO LAST is the Grateful Dead's last album and they finish their recording career with a pretty boring album. The song, "Foolish Heart," got most of the radio attention and is the most often included song in their concert repetoire/5(22).

All of our Adirondack furniture is available in white, sand, weathered, cedar, woodland green, slate gray, the original Built to Last plastic Pastels (blue sky, sunny daze, key lime, coral and lavender) and our latest "fruit" plastic additions: orange, lemon and teal. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Built to Last - Grateful Dead on AllMusic - - Supposedly, the Dead had broken their studio jinx Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Built to Last - Grateful Dead on AllMusic - - Supposedly, the Dead had broken their studio jinx 4/ Built to Last is the thirteenth and final studio album by the Grateful Dead.

It was recorded between February 1 and October 20, and originally released on October 31, The album was released on CD in by Arista Records before being rereleased in by BMG International.

Sorry! Something went wrong! Wal-Mart These companies have taken leadership roles in their industries, offering innovative products and services and consistently outsmarting rivals.

Aug 09,  · Built to Last by the Grateful Dead from their album, Built to Last. Built to Last is a perfectly balanced book and I hope Julie Ann creates a similar series in the future. **Received a copy of the book from /5(46).

Was “Built To Last” Built To Last?