B1 discuss the skills the practitioner

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B1 discuss the skills the practitioner

Massimo Ghislandi, marketing initiatives manager with SDL, will introduce the benefits of working with SDL Package technology centralized translation assets on a server platform. In particular, Massimo will discuss how server-based translation memory can improve localization workflow and how latest technology can track projects in an outsourced environment.

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A pivotal component of any server-based environment is terminology. Through centralized terminology, it is possible to significantly improve translation consistency and reduce costs while maintaining short delivery times. SDL Passolo offers many new features, including visual localization of.

This session highlights the new features. V1 Wednesday October 17 Aaron DunLionbridge Technologies Synopsis: The next evolution of the localization industry is Localization 2. With leaders such as IBM, Microsoft and Google positioning their products around the emerging Software-as-a-Service SaaS model, the localization industry must also evolve in support of this trend.

Aaron Dun will share his view of how this dramatic shift in the software industry will create a ripple effect for the localization industry — impacting both the tools we use and the business models we practice.

He will follow with an in-depth look at how Lionbridge is addressing these industry changes by deploying Freeway 2. V2 Wednesday October 17 1: Jonckers Translation and Engineering and Idiom Technologies: Steve BillingsIdiom Technologies, Inc.

This session covers creating an ROI, identifying the right support and infrastructure, and highlighting the strategic benefits and goals to report on for both clients and vendors alike. Jonckers and Idiom discuss the strategic business preparation, implications, benefits and challenges of successful GMS deployment.

V3 Thursday October 18 1: The Language Technology Center is proud to invite you to the worldwide release of LTC Worx, its new generation web-based business system for the language industry.

LTC is pleased to invite you to delicious desserts — to sweeten your Localization World conference in Seattle and to show you the sweet side of doing international business!

Be among the first to find out how this exciting new tool can invigorate your business while joining us for a quick overview over a cup of coffee or tea. The LTC team will be delighted to answer your questions both at the session and at Stand 15 throughout the conference. As a starter for you today, LTC Worx was created with corporate language departments and large language service providers in mind.

It is highly adaptable to also benefit small and medium-sized operations with big plans. It manages all your language-related business processes from request or quote to invoice — just the way you want it to.

LTC Worx centralizes all your multilingual business processes such as translation, localization, interpreting, dtp and printing.

B1 discuss the skills the practitioner

It fits right into your existing infrastructure, thanks to its flexible set-up and open, documented API. We look forward to meeting you in person to discuss how we can help your company optimize its workflows and greatly increase productivity and efficiency with LTC Worx. Until then, find out more at www.

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This is a special TAUS work group and discussion about the new industry initiative for sharing language data. This work group follows the TAUS Summit in Belfast where the participants agreed on an action plan aimed at formally establishing a membership organization for sharing language data in June The work group at Localization World will allow participants to learn more about this initiative and to discuss the value proposition and the business model with members of the Steering Committee.

B1 discuss the skills the practitioner

Participants in the workshop will receive a copy of the prospectus describing the TAUS Cooperative for sharing language data. This prospectus will form the basis for the discussions. See TAUS website for more information.


Medical Round Table Leader: The round table will focus on issues concerning localization and translation for the medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostics sectors by offering a number of in-depth presentations followed by discussion in which all attendees are welcome to participate.

The topics during the morning session will exclusively focus on issues of special interest to clients.Localization World is a conference designed for all levels of professionals involved in the localization process, including managers, translators, programmers, text originators, and anyone beginning these tasks.

Topics will include localization, internationalization, globalization, translation, language technology, and the business of producing a product for the international audience. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to be one of many factors used by academic institutions, government agencies, professional bodies and employers in determining whether a test taker can be admitted as a student or be considered for .

Oct 26,  · Join over fellow delegates and speakers to discuss key topics such as pricing, reserving, modelling and the future of the insurance industry as part of another brilliant conference at the ICC in Birmingham this year. Confirmed speakers include Bronwen Maddox, Director of the Institute for Government, Martin Elliot, Professor of Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery at UCL, Emeritus Professor.

Additionally, you will discuss the evolutionary relationships among the monerans, protists, and fungi, and how the endosymbiont theory relates to the evolutionary relationship between the monerans and protists. NOTE: Only applications submitted online will be accepted.

Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit copies of their documentation for verification purposes. Leading productive people has been developed to help new APS managers build their people management skills.

It identifies the essential steps and best approaches that managers can take to build the productivity and effectiveness of their people.