An analysis of the hugo baskerville according to a legend in 1742

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He studied at Edinburgh University and became a doctor. Conan Doyle, like Holmes, had very acute powers of observation. He had a very practical mind but also a great imagination. He developed an interest in spiritualism while he was a doctor in Southsea, joined the Society for Psychical Research and for nearly 30 years carried out a series of experiments in telepathy and spiritual investigations.

Finally, at the peak of his literary career, he wrote two books on spiritualism The New Revelation and The Vital Message. Conan Doyle rather resented the success of his Sherlock Holmes books, feeling that they overshadowed his more important historical and scientific books.

This was never more apparent than when he gave a lecture on spiritualism in Amsterdam shortly before his death in Ignoring the lecture s title, many of the questions from the audience were about Sherlock Holmes.

Conan Doyle refused to answer them and told the audience he had nothing more to say about the detective or his cases. Summary is one of Conan Doyle s most famous mysteries featuring the detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his friend, Dr Watson. The eerie mists of Dartmoor form the setting to the sinister events at Baskerville Hall.

When Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead, the people living in the neighbouring area are sure that he didn t die from natural causes. Strange sightings of a giant fire-breathing hound and stories from the past have convinced them of this. The new heir to the property, Sir Henry Baskerville, arrives from Canada determined not to let the stories frighten him away from his new home.

He braves the loneliness of the moors, takes pleasure in getting to know his neighbours, and is careful to follow the advice and guidance of the great detective, Holmes. Holmes and Watson slowly unravel a tangle of mystery as the case takes them deep into the heart of the Baskerville family.

Dr Mortimer pays Sherlock Holmes a second visit with the excuse that he left his walking stick behind the day before.

An analysis of the hugo baskerville according to a legend in 1742

The real reason is that he has a serious problem to solve. In order to recapture the girl who had escaped Hugo Baskerville s trap, he made a deal with the devil and sent his hounds to chase the girl. Hugo s friends followed him only to find both the girl s and Hugo s bodies lying in the centre of a hollow.

A large black hound was biting at Hugo s throat. Ever since the supernatural hound has haunted the family and it is believed that Sir Charles Baskerville, the latest inhabitant of the Hall, has just been killed by the hound. Holmes asks Dr Mortimer for more details and the doctor suggests that Sir Charles s death was the result of some supernatural evil.

The local people themselves have seen a spectral hound roaming the moors. Dr Mortimer is mainly concerned about the fate of Sir Henry, Sir Charles s second brother s son, who is arriving at Waterloo that day.

Sir Henry is said to be the last of the Baskerville family because Roger, Sir Charles s third brother, is presumed dead in Central America. Holmes promises to consider the matter and asks Dr Mortimer to pick up Henry at the station.

Holmes decides they must examine all explanations, not only the supernatural one. Sir Henry Baskerville visits Holmes and tells him about a letter he has received in which he is warned to keep away from the moor.

The other unusual thing that has happened to Sir Henry is that one of his new boots has disappeared. Holmes considers it will soon appear. He also concludes that the person who wrote the letter is an educated person who reads The Times.

They find out that a bearded man is following them in a cab. Holmes and Watson meet Sir Henry at his hotel. He is furious because an old black boot of his has disappeared. Over lunch they decide when Sir Henry will travel to Baskerville Hall and as Holmes cannot accompany him, Watson will be going with him.

A dangerous prisoner has escaped from Princetown and is hiding in the moor. He tells him how dangerous the Mire is. Dr Watson hears a low cry followed by a deep roar: Miss Stapleton mistakes Watson for Sir Henry and warns him not to stay there but go back to London right away.

He also tells Holmes about Mrs Barrymore, a sad-looking lady, probably badly treated by her husband.

An analysis of the hugo baskerville according to a legend in 1742

Sir Henry wants to go for a walk on his own. Sir Henry has proposed marriage to Miss Stapleton but her brother has reacted rudely. Later Mr Stapleton apologises.“Of the origin of the Hound of the Baskervilles there have been many statements, yet as I come in a direct line from Hugo Baskerville, and as I had the story from my father, who also had it from his, I have set it down with all belief that it occurred even as is here set forth.

The Hound Of The Baskervilles is a ghostly black dog that has been a fictional icon to the Sherlock Holmes story of the same name. According to an old account, said to have been written in and describing events which had occurred a century earlier still, during the English Civil War, Hugo.

According to the legend Hugo Baskerville brought the curse on the family by kiddnapping a woman chasing her through the moor to her death. The bodies of both Hugo and the girl were discovered by Hugo. It was the German legions, according to him, that saved England by attacking Russia. If there can not be an alliance between Germany and Great Britain, he stated, my work has been a failure.

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The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death were the origin of the legend of the Baskerville Curse. History. According to the account of his descendant Hugo Baskerville II, around the time of the Great Rebellion, Sir Hugo became enamored by the young daughter of a yeoman farmer who held lands near Baskerville Hall.

However, Died: September 29, after , Dartmoor, Devonshire, England.

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