Amity university summur internship sample report nisharnaqvi

I further declare that the information presented in this project is true and original to the best of my knowledge.

Amity university summur internship sample report nisharnaqvi

I further declare that the information presented in this project is true and original to the best of my knowledge. MBA Class of 2 Acknowledgement First and foremost, I would like to express gratitude to my Institution, Amity University for providing me a magnificent opportunity in the form of this dissertation to work and learn.

Summer Internship

The report bears the imprints of many people. There are many kinds of helping hands, to which I owe my sense of gratitude.

Amity university summur internship sample report nisharnaqvi

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Vivek Singh Tomar Faculty guide and Ms. Namrata Sharma industry guide who helped me though out my project.

I am thankful to them for guiding me towards the fulfillment of the project objective and without their help this project could not have been completed. I remember with profound sense of fulfillment and wish to share my happiness with my friends for their generous support, encouragement towards fulfillment of the project.

Approach to the Problem……………………………………………………… Type of research design…………… Data collection from secondary sources…………………………………14 c. Data collection from primary sources……………………………………26 d. Questionnaire development and pretesting…………………………… Field Work ………………………………………………………………38 5.

We began in as a business unit within GE, building the Company from the ground up. Our new name, Genpact, conveys the business impact we generate for our clients.

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Since then we have grown rapidly, expanding our range of services and diversifying our client base. The population for study consists of the call centers located in Hyderabad. The data for the study was collected with the help of Open ended questionnaire and Depth Interview.

The questionnaire was self-administered. To develop a list of items for framing a questionnaire, existing literature was revised, brainstorming was done. Telesales Metrics As the cost of face-to-face sales calls keeps rising, software marketers have been slowly rethinking the telesales model.

Telephone selling to consumers still has a bad reputation usually well-deservedbut in business-to business segments a well-run telesales group can usually generate as much revenue as a more expensive field sales force—and at lower cost.

A telesales effort takes intensive management, in part because telesales reps typically burn through large numbers of leads every month. Keeping track of leads, close rates, and other internal metrics is not a trivial job; if the process breaks down, telesales can quickly become an expensive boondoggle.

As a result, telesales managers tend to be hardcore metrics mavens, measuring and comparing everything in sight. In fact, telesales benchmarks are notoriously difficult to develop. They get at least some revenue from 9. This higher close rate is offset by the lower average transaction size that prevails among larger telesales groups.

Amity university summur internship sample report nisharnaqvi

Lead generation costs tend to rise with average transaction size: Not surprisingly, marketers are willing to invest more to acquire a lead that might convert to a big-ticket sale than they will for smaller deals. Moreover, high-end companies also seem to invest more effort in the selling process: Ideally, telesales efforts should target prospects that have shown a definite interest in buying—for example, people who requested information, responded to an offer, or were former customers.

To keep the lead pipeline full, most companies give their telesales reps a substantial number of less-qualified leads, which may include magazine bingo card leads, names from directories, or people who just dropped off business cards during a trade show contest.

Finding enough qualified leads is a problem at all levels of transaction size, and it helps explain why software telesales groups tend to be much smaller than their consumer counterparts.

Not surprisingly, higher performance translates into significant pay premiums for most telesales jobs. Telesales training and general sales skills: Refresher courses on sales skills are essential to stop sales people going stale. These courses should be run at least twice a year. Telesales staff must have a good understanding of the direction in which development of the product suite is going, as well as a good understanding of the product themselves.

While a relatively basic technical understanding of the products is all that is required, it is very important that the telesales staff understand how features relate to benefits for the buyer, and also how future releases are planned to bring additional benefits.

Open ended questionnaire was prepared on the recommendation of industry guide. List of companies whose data is available on the internet as well as the name provided by the industry guide is covered.Summer Internship Report(A) Uploaded by Pardeep Kapil.

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real estate. Dlf- Real Estate Marketing. Project on Real Estate investment AMITY UNIVERSITY 5/5(4). e) Summer Internship Weekly Progress Report Performa (SI WPR) While you are away from campus, we would like to know about your performance during Summer Internship.

The weekly progress Reports are to faculty guide only through Amizone every Monday of the week before hrs. Ntcc report final report shubham nanotubes for the removal of lead based compounds from water samples Submitted to Amity Institute of Nanotechnology Amity University, Noida In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of NANOTECHNOLOGY By: Shubham Raina ENROLLMENT NO.: Sample .

View Lab Report - Sample SIP Report doc from ASA BBA at Amity University Madhya Pradesh. A Summer Internship Report on RECRUITMENT & SELECTION PROCESS OF GODREJ CONSUMER PRODUCTS LIMITED.

May 30,  · Amity University Placement: Check the details of Amity Placement. Highest Package Offered, Major Recruiters, Placement Reviews and Internships barnweddingvt.comhout this article, we will get to know about all the Details of Amity University Placement and Amity Placement Packages Edufever Staff.

Every Institution in Amity University has CRC/ IIC which coordinates the summer internship program by inviting industry for recruitment of student interns. Each student intern has an industry guide from his internship organization and a faculty member from the institution.

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