A response to modernist painting by

From to there was a remarkably productive period of innovation and experiment as novelists and poets undertook, in anthologies and magazines, to challenge the literary conventions not just of the recent past but of the entire post-Romantic… Modernism in literature The Modernist impulse is fueled in various literatures by industrialization and urbanization and by the search for an authentic response to a much-changed world. Although prewar works by Henry JamesJoseph Conradand other writers are considered Modernist, Modernism as a literary movement is typically associated with the period after World War I. A primary theme of T. With its fragmentary images and obscure allusionsthe poem is typical of Modernism in requiring the reader to take an active role in interpreting the text.

A response to modernist painting by

Modernism what is it? Idea of criticism using the procedures of that being criticized, first in philosophy, but then in any discipline. This secures its area of competence. P6 Modern art is compared to older masters, which used illusion, and were therefore less pure than modern artists.

Manet is quoted as the first modernist painter, followed by the Impressionistsand Cezanne, because each drew attention to areas which are quintessentially about painting techniques. P7 Flatness is cited as the most characteristic, and pure factor in painting, using examples of other characteristics shared by other disciplines.

P9 Abstraction in itself is not necessary in modern art, but the conversion of the 3 D space is relates to P8.

A response to modernist painting by

He thinks Kandinsky and Mondrian were wrong about this. P10 Resisting the sculptural is central to Modernist painting, but this is a continuation of the resistance of western painting to the sculptural over the previous few hundred years. Emphasising other elements such as colour is argued as being more important in this time than sculptural 3D relief, eg.

A response to modernist painting by

Just like Ingres became flatter than previous artists, so cubists and Cezanne became flatter than the artists they revolted against the Impressionists. There seems to be a central evolving towards the flat. P14 This paragraph is important because it admits that the author has taken an extreme route in stating his examples and arguments.

P15 Science is referred to as the ultimate Kantian subjectin that science or its disciplines are criticised by the elements which it contains, and no other. Perhaps this is an old fashioned view however- eg. Scientists and science can be criticised for being male-dominated and sexist, and science can often be criticised by ethical arguments eg the science of atomic fission V the events of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Instead Modern artists develop their methods and evolution like all other artists in history- through individual expression, and being part of a living group, who may influence one another, but not self consciously so.

Is this a little paradoxical for a discipline whose essence is to criticise its own methods using those elements unique to itself? P18 Modernism is seen as being a natural continuation of all western?

P19 Modernism is subversive in its ability to show that not all elements thought to be essential in artare essential in art. It has even allowed us to revive other artists like El Greco, Vermeer.

The author does not say what distinguishes these 2 categories of artists so the reasons for this are unclear. He does state that Modernism has clarified that some of these older artists were valued for the wrong reasons again not discussed.

P21 A summary of the Argument The author discusses what modernist art is and what it is not. Modernist art uses its own characteristic elements to criticise itself. The author discusses at length the different elements which can be found in art, such as the association of images, the framing of images, textures, colours, an illusion of 3-dimensional space, an allusion to literature, and flatness.

Flatness is stated as the purest element of modernist art. The author admits that during his argument he has used exaggeration in order to make his points- eg no picture can be truly without association once any mark is made. One should always judge art on Quality, and not Methods.

Modernist painting is a continuation of the past and is not fundamentally different from other art movements. A revolutionary philosopher The impressionists: Mixed, He says they are eminent, but he says they were wrong to think that Abstraction was necessary for Modernism.

Does he quote others and reference their work? My overall feelings on the article. The article is well structured and written, and the author is clearly a great proponent of Modernist Painting.

There are some very interesting and well crafted arguments, and the author is skilled at helping the reader through the text using broad examples, and building up complicated arguments. All these things give the impression that although a skilled writer, the author is a little defensive, and dogmatic, which lessens the readers ultimate acceptance of his argument.

I think on the whole I agree with his ideas but not alland many of them are very well stated. The criticisms above came about through several readings of the text, and are my attempt to balance my response to an overall very enjoyable article.“From the first contemporary commentaries on Édouard Manet to the most sophisticated art historical interpretations, the critical response to modernist painting has always suffered from a mismatch between aesthetic and social accounts of its nature.

Spencer Jon Helfen: California Modernist Painting Spencer Jon Helfen Fine Arts is tucked away on the second floor of a charming old building in Beverly Hills, and though most of those living in the city of Los Angeles have never heard of the gallery - it is one of L.A.’s treasures.

‘Clement Greenberg: Modernist Painting’ In his essay “On Modernist Painting”, Clement Greenberg discusses the importance of response to the self-critical tendency of painting in its aesthetic simplicity.

Greenberg’s composure of the canon was viewed by other art historians, who surfaced. The Modernist impulse is fueled in various literatures by industrialization and urbanization and by the search for an authentic response to a much-changed world.

Although prewar works by Henry James, Joseph Conrad, and other writers are considered Modernist, Modernism as a literary movement is typically associated with the period after World . Modern art is the creative world's response to the rationalist practices and perspectives of the new lives and ideas provided by the technological advances of the industrial age that caused contemporary society to manifest itself in new ways compared to the past.

A Response To: Modernist Painting by Clement Greenberg & Post-Painterly Abstraction by Clement Greenberg In this paper I will be summarizing two essays by Clement Greenberg, one entitled “Modernist Painting” and the other “Post-Painterly Abstraction.”.

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